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Originally Posted by Billyray911 View Post
Ish-thanks very much for the links-I'll take a look and see if they are the same as the E91.Working over the next few days,but hopefully I'll get a few minutes during the daylight hours...
I wish everyone was as good with their customer service as yourself!
Billyray, here's some more help/info courtesy of Jules59 from another thread (a handy tip in bold, re the driver's side).

"I changed my H8 LEDS on my 2009 E91. Its LCI but uses H8 for the Angel eyes. Access is via the engine bay.

You unscrew, anticlockwise, the round plastic back cover from the rear of each headlight unit.
You can now see the back of the H8 bulb.
The H8 is a sort of L shape and should be in a near vertical plane with wires at the top. To unlock the H8 bulb you need to rotate the bulb unit approx 45 degrees - but each side in different directions. The drivers side bulb (RH side) rotates anti-clockwise when viewed from its rear and the passenger side (LH side) rotates clockwise to unlock it.
The LED units dont have an L shape. Compare the size and position of the 3 locking taps with those on the H8 bulb to insert the LED in the correct position to engage the tabs. Then rotate in the reverse direction for each side to lock them in place.

Sorry not pics but hope it helps. Its awkward if you have fat fingers like me. I lifted the top of the air filter box off to be able to see into the RH headlight unit. The LH side is easier"