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I need quick help - my car had a couple "yellow overheat" warnings before and I suspected that it was due to the water-pump. So, I disabled my jb4 by doing 0/0 (Map 0) right before I got into the dealer. Then, their technician called and said they couldn't read any code because I had the "auto code clear" on all the time. So, they couldn't move forward without reading the code, and I am taking the car back now.

Here are my questions:

1) If i keep my jb4 disabled (0/0), would the "auto code clear" still function? Or I still have to turn it off (1/3)?

2) If I enable JB4 (0/5) and turn off "auto code clear" (1/3), when the warning comes on again, will the code be stored and I can take it back to the dealer?

3) Would the "yellow overheat warning" generate a code to be stored? If so, can I read it thru JB4 steering wheel method after it happens??

4) If my dealer is cool about the JB4 as long as they can read the codes, can I leave it disabled or I still need to take it out?

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