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Originally Posted by PresaMat
Yeah +1 for houston! You would have a LOT of people showing up . Do these dyno days include install? That would be great to be able to have you come out install/tune on the dyno. I think everyone interested in getting the mod would pay whatever premium you would charge for onsite install/tune.
I don't know about the rest of your post, but I think Shiv has installed a few in the past atleast on EVO's. I forget what Shiv's record was, but he managed install an Xede on an EVO in less than a minute. Now the 335 will take a while longer to install due to the extra hardware and most likely a more complex wiring harness, so I guess the Xede install on the 335 would be up to him. Most of the people at the dyno days are very nice, so if you need assistance with getting stuff installed, the other people at the dyno are usually willing to lend a hand if you are nice about it