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My Report on latest 1.60 map.
I flashed S1+ 95oct (fuel is 98ron)
To start with positives,.
- The car feels more tourqy through the whole rpm range, -bit more wheel spins..
it's a good improvement.

As few others have already mentioned, right after flash the car is more quieter whether idling or driving, I feel though it got louder after a day, and louder pops came back,

Below links with comparison famous 1.51 map, test map Justin sent last year based on 1.53 (my favourite) and current 1.60map

To compare I look at around 4500 rpm data point, as this seems to be the sweet spot.

I mostly do my runs at same place, of course ambient temps will differ.

The figures: at 4500 ca.
Map boost. Torque. Wgdc%. Load actual rail pressure
1.51. 13.2 580* 49.4 166.6* 2228
1.53sp. 13.1 560 60.2 154.2 2153
1.60. 11.5 522 47.9 149.9 2451*

Though the 1.51 had tendencies of over boosting , from the above clearly. 1.51 feels better and figures represent that I think.

On the latest map - was same in 1.54 the rail presure has increased and car is experiencing rail presure crashes at the beginning of the pull.

Not sure if it's only my car , this doesn't happen with older S1 maps.

Would be nice, if rail pressure would be fixed in current map, if it's a general issue,. Else the experience is positive.

Feel free to comment anything else you see on 1.60 map

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