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Originally Posted by iScream View Post
I do not believe the wastegates are unconditionally held open until 3000 RPM. Just on a WOT from the 2k RPM range.

If everyone on here really didn't get any turbo boost until 3k RPM, we'd be talking about lag times MUCH greater than 1.5-2 seconds. Go WOT on a 328i from 1400 RPM in 3rd or 4th gear, and tell me how long it takes to get to 3300. I'm betting it's a lot longer than 1.5-2 seconds. Probably 3-3.5s, and if we were talking about lag that long, then all the turbo techies here would have dropped their skepticism and semantic niggling long ago.
+1 - it's like the car needs a running start. its not like the power instantaneusly hits at 3,000, you might get the power at 2,500 one time and at 3,000 the next time, depending on circumstances.

anyway, the lag has already been proven using the procede datalogging function.

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