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Itch for a winter setup. Scratch it? Mid Atlantic area, RWD, tire question

To the fellas who have experience with staggered/winters/rwd, thanks in advance for your insight!

335D (rwd sport)
OEM Staggered 18" 193s (which I love)
Philly area. Plenty of snow at times.

When they predict snow, I drive a Jeep to work. When a light coating or wintry mix is suddenly predicted, I race home to switch vehicles.

My brain tells me to keep the car in the garage for most of the winter (as I've had in the past). My heart (knows I love driving this car a LOT) wants me to buy a nice set of OEM wheels from a forum member, and put some extreme winter rubber on them.

1 or 2 Gents?

1. Spare the 3'er the salt, pothole damage, and from dealing with winters/summers. I spent money on a jeep for the winter, use it.

2. Get a proper winter setup! See below.

2A. Wheels: stay staggered? I drive fast and corner hard. I want the ability to get home safely in 1-2" of snow max, and also survive a wintery mix. So I don't need to cut through deep snow. Should I look for staggered or square?

2B. Rubber: maximum traction, I'm not worried about trekking to Killington in the 335. I want the ability to drive fast and corner hard... in cold conditions, so I'd want a tire with a nice shoulder. Pirelli Winter Sottozero Series II Run Flat?

Thanks for any insight.

edit to add: Gary's post helps a lot:

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