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Originally Posted by Jamesons Viggen View Post
35mpg average, a lot more standard features, 270'ish HP at the crank, 5.4 to 60/100 mph trap at 14.0.
It's funny you should bring up those numbers, since they're exactly what keep me from being interested in the F30.

There was a lot of hype a few months before the F30 launched about how it was going to be faster and more efficient than the old E90 diesel, but when the real world numbers finally rolled in it turned out it was actually slower and less efficient. And similarly equipped, it cost about the same as the diesel did too. So yeah, there's nothing in the F30 that interests me personally, not when my 3 year old car with 7 year old technology outperforms it in every way. Maybe when an F30 diesel hits US shores I'll reconsider.