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Originally Posted by MonsterM View Post
Both the Camry and Accord were faster after 0-60 (FWD vs RWD) and delivered better fuel economy in the particular tests I posted. Here is a review of a manual V6 Accord and it is truly faster than any F30 328 test I have seen to date:

Accord V6 Coupe manual
0-60 5.6
0-100 13.4
1/4 mile 14.0 @ 103 mph

F30 328i manual

0-60 5.6
0-100 14.3
1/4 mile 14.3 @ 100 mph

F30 335i manual

0-60 5.3
0-100 13.0
1/4 mile 13.8 @ 103 mph
I was not even referencing the Accord Coupe as there has been no testing done on the F32 yet. The Accord Coupe has different tuning and in fact suffers a MPG knock compared to the Accord sedan, so we are muddying the waters even more now.

I am also only going by EPA data where the F30 is 10% better than the V-6 examples you gave.

We are still getting away from the E90 and F30 scenario, the more we are talking about new V-6 japanese cars being faster, the more it seems we are glazing over that the case is even more severe when the E90 is brought back into this.

Granted, I have yet to see N55 F30's be faster than E90 N55/N54 cars, that is a legitimate talking point.

But the fact is 328 to 328, the F30 does a lot right in terms of power/performance/economy. I have spent weeks dealing with Rogue Engineering who said in the past they would not develop parts for the base 3 series, but the N20 F30 is different as they see lots of tuning potential. Other tuners are looking at it the same way.

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