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^ If anyone's interested, PM me

I'm curious why a seller wouldn't have this as a part of standard pre-sale/paperwork preparation? He had all the other records in the glove box.
Buyers sometimes donít trust the sellerís PPI, want it to be more ďindependentĒ. Sellers donít need to pay for it because the buyer will, if the buyer even gets one (some donít!).

I went down this path (chasing the Ferrari dream) a couple of years ago. The Ferraris I could afford (or rationalize) were behind the cars of today in terms of performance, features and such, but still expensive to own and maintain. I wanted a car I could do distance driving in, on and off the main interstates, so it needed to be reliable or easily serviceable away from home. A GT in the truest sense of the word. After getting close on a couple of Ferraris, watching BringaTrailer daily and frequenting FerrariChat and other sites, I realized my adolescent Ferrari dream made no sense any more. I began looking at Aston Martins mainly for their beauty, but found their cost to maintain and unreliability off-putting (friends who have had them were not encouraging). Ended up just buying a new (then) M5. Economics are different - not necessarily better - but I couldnít be happier.