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Originally Posted by DETRoadster View Post
you have kids and are buying a Ferrari. We have no kids and are minivan shopping.
Dogs and cats, living together!

So, I wanted to put out some more to the story, since somebody is being amused.

I arrived about 10 minutes early at the agreed gym. Front parking lot is PACKED, and no Ferrari in sight. I circle around the back of the building and there is a bright red one, with open spaces on either side. I pull the bike into one, and as I'm taking my helmet and jacket off some guy approaches and starts talking me up. He had walked over from a MBZ a few spaces over, so I just ASSumed he was the seller I was to meet. Tells me his life story, how he wanted to be FBI. But he kept turning his mouth to one side or the other, never directly speaking to me. I'm thinking the whole time this guy is a full-on tweaker and this isn't his car to sell.
I never quite got around to "So, this is the car?" when my phone beeps. I look and USS is telling me to keep him apprised of the situation. I then hear "So now I go to my AA meetings" And the head shifting starts to make sense, because I was almost picking up a sweet breath reminiscent of alcohol.
I then text the seller and he says he's just walking out of the gym and will be in back in a few.
The guy then continues on to tell me he's living out of that MBZ.
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