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Originally Posted by carve View Post
We've killed a lot of civilians by mistake. We lose more by killing a civilian than we gain by killing the enemy. We aren't fighting a war so much as building a nation. If we accidently kill a mother, her sons, husband, brothers, and father will join the enemy, and the village will support the enemy, and we've made our problem dramatically worse. The rule is there not only for the civilians protection, but our own. It is a leadership decision on which way is best to further our objective. If we were just there to destroy the place and leave, I'd agree that more "gloves off" (within the Laws of Armed Conflict) is the way to go, but we aren't there to just destroy. Obviously, what we've been doing the past 8 years hasn't worked so well. How many troops died under those ROEs, and has it brought us closer to our goal lately, or are we actually moving further away? It is a terrible situation (as war always is), but if protecting our troops lives took precedence over accomplishing the mission, they never would've gone there. It'd be nice if we could've left already and not put any troops in danger.
Have more U.S. troops in Afghanistan died in these 7 months of Obama, or in the 7 months prior?

I agree that we do not need to slash and burn. But that is reason for us to get out. We should not be getting our military servicepersons killed for nation building. If we must participate in nationbuilding, then perhaps it should be with companies like Blackrock (I think that is the name).

Of course, there is the valid argument that we need to have Afghanistan emerge as an ally. Very well. But at what cost if our military servicepersons cannot defend themselves? Just ridiculous.

How come the party that is in majority power today and was so critical before the election calling for immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops as "redeployment" are now in favor of adding more troops? I guess it is all just political crap. Take their political gains and continue the same old policies for the most part. And then the popular press supports the current bunch by not even talking about it, or at least not criticizing the Administration when they do have a little story. It's simply biased reporting at it's worst.
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