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Originally Posted by hoehne View Post
I have a few questions. I have been reading through many of the posts on many boards regarding Zaino and am trying to formulate my shopping list.

In this article, it is clear from the initial post...wash, clay, polish, z2-pro, z-8? This post was done two years ago and I am curious with the Zaino Clear Seal (Z-CS) fits into this regiment. Any input for this.

Also, I have some P21s wax that I picked up. I like the idea of this and like the results even though I have only done my hood. I would like to keep using the product and curious of anyone's results using the P21s wax over top of the Zaino. I understand I can't layer the Zaino products on top of the wax, but I could remove the was with dawn and apply more Zaino as well or just layer the wax as well. Positive or negative results would be welcome.

My shopping list will include the Menzerna IP, Zaino ZPC fine polish, Mother's clay or equivalent, z2-pro, Z-CS?, and then P21s.

Any comments on the Z-CS and if it should be combined on top of the Z2-pro?

Comments are welcome.
In terms of fitting the new products into your routine you can do many different things.

1. Wash, clay, polish with IP, mild polish with ZPC, ZAIO, Z2x1, top with CS and maintain with Z8.

2. Wash, clay, polish with IP, mild polish with ZPC, Z2 pro with ZFX x 3, top with CS and maintain with Z8.

3. Wash, clay, polish with IP, mild polish with ZPC, CS, Z2x1, maintain with Z8.

ZCS can be used on bare paint as the bonding agent for Z2 or Z5. It can also be used after Z2 and Z5 as a topper in conjunction with Z8. How you use it is up to you. I usually do 1 and 2. Haven't tried 3 yet.

As for the p21s wax, save it for another car. Once you use Zaino it's not worth topping with a wax as you can't add any more Zaino after. And contrary to your post, you will not be able to fully remove the p21s with a dawn was and then add more Zaino. Dawn is not that strong. It can't remove fresh or semi fresh wax. If you wax with p21s, you will need to use ZAIO or ZPC to remove it. Doing this will also require you to start the whole Zaino process over again. A waste of effort IMO.