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Originally Posted by darkrom View Post
Is it really that much better though? Double the cost better?

Would you say the ones you have now are significantly better than the halogens?
From what I've read, they are supposedly night and day better. To be honest though, I'm not really that particular and I'm more than happy with the upgrade from halogens. From what I can tell, the light on the road is more intense and the throw is a good bit further too.

Originally Posted by raj55 View Post
Did you compare the Philips Halogen bulb and the HID to check for the amount of actual light thrown on the road (useful light to the motorist)? It would be nice to know what that difference was. Just looking at the lamps face on does not say much.

Darkroom beat me to the question! I was thinking along the same lines after I saw the photo above. I use Philips Xtreme vision and I think they are very good, good cut off and a lot more light on the road (where it matters).
I couldn't really tell during the day and I'm not prepared to go for a drive with one halogen and one HID as it's a pretty quick way to be pulled by the police here. My initial observation would be that the light is much more intense where it matters.

I'll be sure to come back with a more in-depth report once I've clocked up some miles!
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