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Originally Posted by jetblackcoupe View Post
Question: 30-pin Y cable (not the BMW one) + lightning to 30 pin adapter = music (controlled on phone) and charging on iPhone 5 through lightning port?
That setup will let you control your music from the car since you're still connecting the phone to USB; I believe the phone controls will also work rather than being locked out, but I'm not certain. In any case, cars without Combox (which started as of September 2010 production with certain option configurations) require the Y-cable to play music. If you have an iPhone 5, you also need a Lightning to 30-pin dock adapter. Be aware that Apple offers two versions, one that's a rectangular piece of plastic and another that has a short length of cable between the Lightning connector and the dock connector; the former is $10 cheaper, but the latter is more likely to work with your phone without having to remove the case if you use one. Ask my wife how she knows.

If you just want phone-controlled music, you could just use a standard headphone cable from your iPhone's headphone jack to the car's AUX port, but that won't be as convenient or sound as good since in that setup the phone is sending amped audio rather than line level audio into the car.
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