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Originally Posted by Ozzie335i View Post
I rebuilt an engine at 16, and it ran fine. On the ASVAB the test said I was best suited to be an automotive engineer. Basic enough? While I don't tinker (I don't need to in order to have this car) I'd still like to be able to read the logs myself so I don't blow it up. With JB4 it said to look for advance and a dish shape in the higher rpms when things were going ok. With my limited time with MHD it seems that they should stay at 0(?). Id prefer to see the advance as it happens. With JB4 there was an AFR column it looks like for MHD it is Lambda. I'll look at the info provided upthread and go from there.
If you're looking at the individual cylinder timing corrections, then yeah ideally they should be as close to 0 as possible. But anything less than -3* is pretty much considered normal operation.

I'm pretty sure that the actual timing value is listed as "timing cyl. 1 *CRK." Maybe that will give you the numbers you're looking for.