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Speak to BMW NA customer care
This whole nation-wide backorder thing really needs to get laid at the feet of BMWNA. They can't control their supplier's but f-in-a they are the ones that forced the RFT technology onto us as consumers ... and it just so happens only *1* supplier makes an RFT tire in the correct size for our OE application.

It's my feeling that BMWNA should be responsible for finding you a tire, or having Bridgestone import them into the US direct from Japan for us to purchase.

I would think if the automotive press were to get a hold of this, it would be a really bad PR event for BMW. 'BMW makes RFT technology standard equipment on New 3, recommends punctured tire be replaced instead of repaired. However, supply chain snafu leaves hundreds of thousands of customers with no way to replace punctured tire.' Yeah, I can see that going over real well with potential new customers. If I were about to take delivery I'd be saying, no thanks I think I'll wait, or you can buy me a new set of non-RFT tires. And I'd have a belly laugh at the tire replacement warranty sales pitch.