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I went back to my local shop this morning and met with the main manager...and after examining the tire with the bulge (which had grown to be about 1/3 the circumference of the tire) he came to the conclusion that the damage was done by them. He gave me two options:

1. They will have my wheels refinished...all 4 of them the guy said, so that the paint color will match, and he would pro-rate my tires (which are almost down to the tread marker)
Cost to me: roughly $500 when the wheels become available

2. They will replace my two rear tires with new Bridgestone Run-flats. My rims stay chipped but at least it's the original factory finish and not some guy painting them and clearcoating them. But I have to live with the chips in the wheels.
Cost to me: Zero

I think I'm going to go with the new tires and live with the chips.

In the meantime, they mounted a matching size non-runflat Nitto so I can drive around until the new tires come telling when.

I guess I'm pretty satisfied but I have to deal with chipped 162's. And this tire backorder thing is ridiculous but hopefully they'll fix it soon.

What do you guys think?