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Originally Posted by Cadillac Johnson View Post
So, has anyone heard anything about cams for the N54?

Cams and turbo cars are usually good for really nice gains, I havent heard anything mentioned from anyone regarding cams.


I also wanted to find out about intercooler piping and the intercooler itself, I wont start a new thread about it, but if anyone has any info, besides the Spearco core, please share.
BMW's have either Valvetronic (N52)- 325,328,330 or VANOS (N54)- 335i. No need for cams, as cam timing and lift is variably controlled by moving the cams position by a mechanical actuator electronically controlled as needed by the engines input management system. The system is self learning and applies the necessary timing adjustments as more HP is created. Ingenious really !!!
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