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Originally Posted by judec View Post
sorry, but this is absolute ignorancy. I pasted 4 links to 2 sources about valvetronic and vanos, now U, Cadilac, ask the same stupid questions again.
RTFM!!! Dont be so f*cking lame and ignorant! Geez! Read the god damn docs I linked to U and U'll know everything U could. And on the next step UTFG (Use The F*cking GOOGLE) to find out more.... shame...
How bout you chill the fuck out?

Even after you posted, there still was confusion from numerous people. I wanted to clear it up for everyone. Which it was before you posted this. Wikipedia is hardly the gospel, and your BMW links only say what Vanos and Valvetronic are, and not which motors have it.

No need to be an asshole, dick.

Perhaps you could use your amazing Google skillz to answer post #13?