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Originally Posted by ryan970 View Post
Did she ask you what you were reading on your kindle lol.
Lol she didn't give a shit about the kindle. Her pickup line had to do with buying a Nook though haha.

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I should of known I set myself up for this

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Could be, I had a similar situation a few years back in Vegas.... it was a bit more obvious.... It was around 3am.. I was waiting for the tram that runs to Mandalay Bay which is the hotel I was staying at.... 2 girls roll up to me and start talking to me... telling me all the usual BS and that they would like to join me for the evening.....when the other grabs my wrist and says "nice watch" I knew right then and there that these girls probably wanted to take me back to my room and rob me. I managed to bullshit my way out of it. So I understad what the OP is saying.... if something doesnt feel right in your gut then its usually right.... even though your dick says otherwise!
Oh man that is a scary situation. Thank goodness you got out of it. If only it were easier to control our primal instinct for sex! I was fortunate to be more anxious than anything so I could control my urge.

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OP : interesting story + you made the right decision. I also agree completely with Donbona. I had a similar situation in a bar in London's west end in the mid-90's ... something was clearly not right.

Google / FB her ... find out a little more ... then meet up again, if she looks legit.
Most likely I'm going to give her a call and have a more traditional date next weekend. Hopefully I can find her because I can't recall her last name at all. It was something eastern block that I couldn't even pronounce.

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OP call her tomorrow. Go out to dinner with her and when she invites you back to her place DON'T BITCH OUT!

Do you know how many of us would love for a girl to make the first move?
It's awesome having a girl make the first move... but seriously in the middle of a parking lot? lol. My third girlfriend made the first move. The difference is that she flirted and asked me out in class rather than out in the middle of nowhere. Setting matters!