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Originally Posted by kentgbr
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I think thats what i will end up going with. Ive seen a few people recommend this setup with great results. A good balance between sporty handling and good comfort.

Ive been reading and someone on here was saying the b12 kit uses basically stock sport springs as far as the spring rates and length. And the b12 shocks are the same as the b6 shocks? Doesnt make sense to me. I thought they were basicly b8 shocks with an eibach pro kit from europe.

Should i just get new b8 struts/shocks and reuse my stock springs? Or just buy the whole kit new? Its cheap enough.

Should i get the dinan camber plates. Even if i plan on getting m3 front arms? Will it add too much camber and create bad tire wear? Also i see the sell upgraded shocks mounts for the rear in poly from dinan. Are they recommended?
I highly recommend the B12 Pro-kit (and M3 control arms), this set-up made major improvements in steering feel, turn-in and overall handling. I've also read that the Eibach springs in this kit have a stock-like rate but am not convinced as they feel nothing like the ZSP springs. As already stated, the shocks are B8's (sports) and the drop will be around 0.5 to 0.75" compared to sports suspension.
Ok so it sounds like the b12 kit is exactly what im looking for. Thanks for all the help!

Where did you purchase the kit from? Does it come with any warranty from bilstein?

I remember seeing it for around $900 before tax/shipping. Is that a good deal?

I would rather order from a forum vendor. Do you have any recommendations?

Everytime i think about this i feel like i will like the b12 kit but somethings telling me to wait and save up for the kw sc coilovers. Would the rebound adjustment help me during the occasional autocross/roadcourse day?