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Couple of questions about Riss Racing Downpipes

Search but really can't find the answers:

Downpipe install was time consuming but not as impossible as I would have thought. The car runs super strong and I don't seem to have any vibration or performance problems whatsoever but some of the following questions remain:

1) I bought them used... how do I tell if they are revision 2?

2) Why the hell did they place the front O2 sensors so close to each other (pretty sure they touch or will touch when the DPs get hot and the sensor undergo thermal expansion. Also, why position the rear O2 sensor so that one of them sort of hangs out from the bottom? This can increase the chances of it getting hoocked unto road hazzards...

3) I guess hey eliminate the use for the downpipe bracket correct? But what are those unsued plugs for? The ones that are capped off.

4) Why is my steering wheel crooked now? Can I correct this by loosening, shifting and retightening the steering rack or did I somehow throw it out of alignment. I did not touch the tierods.