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e46 M3 vs. e90 330i?


I'm thinking about buying my first bmw. My family has had a slew of bmws over the years -- e28 535is, two e34 525i (both 1990), e36 352is, and more recently, my father bought an e46 m3. So I've had a lot of time to dream of what bmw i might like to buy once i finally could.

I'm debating whether to buy an e46 m3 or a newer (2006-ish) e90 330i. I've driven the m3, but i've never driven the 330s.

I'm drawn to the m3 because it's got serious raw power, all the M suspension, etc., it's sleek, it handles real tight, and well, I've hoped of having one for a while now. On the other hand, I've read that the 330 has a lot of power, and being able to have a sedan would certainly be more convenient for me. Also, I think that the e90s are pretty sleek, too, and I might be able to get one with lower mileage (as compared to an m3).

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

Also, if I were to go with the e90, does anyone know anything about the difference/s between the 330i and the 330xi? For example, I've heard that the 330xi doesn't handle quite as well since it's all wheel drive. Can anyone verify or refute this?

Thanks for any and all advice.