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Originally Posted by smohr33 View Post
You just don't give up. You can't admit you were wrong.

The car goes on sale shortly here, which means they are rolling down a production line in Korea as we speak.

Anyway, the point is, GM is Making a car in South Korea, that you will be able to buy here shortly. But again it's fine that taxpayers footed a huge loan and GM in turn begins manufacturing domestic market cars overseas. Obama didn't happen to mention that in his hypocritical ad.
What am I wrong about? The Caprice and Spark are not currently for sale Chevy models in the US.

Over the past 30 years, GM has sold the Daewoo Pontiac Lemans, rebadged Suzukis, Opals, Toyotas, and Aussie models, and shared parts with Saab. Chrysler was selling rebadged Mitsubishis in the early 80's. Ford was selling rebadged Mazdas years ago, and making Jaguar crosses. Chrysler was controlled by Daimler and is now controlled by Fiat. So what does this all mean? Is GM a foreign company? They are now making more of their American market cars in North America than in the past. The point is, it's a US based company that enables about 2 million American jobs.