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Originally Posted by fokus45 View Post
Proof was posted. They were built in Aus and shipped to the US. It makes no difference who they are for.
Dude, you don't get to make up the rules. It's not among the cars you can buy. GM also makes the old version Malibu, called the Malibu Classic, for rental fleets. That doesn't count either. And "proving" it by showing a window sticker is idiotic. I read automotive news, I don't need a picture to prove something that is not in dispute.

Do you understand the idiocy in prolonging this discussion? We all know that GM has spent decades rebadging "overseas" cars, and will be doing so in the future. GM also sells all sorts of special market vehicles, from police cruisers to various commercial trucks, built god-knows-where. I don't care. The current list of passenger vehicles they are selling today are all built in North America. The Caprice is not listed as a vehicle you can buy.

If you want to make your own categories and rules, go ahead. But the fact that the Caprice police cruiser is made in Australia doesn't mean anything. After all, there are tons of GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles being built all over the world, so from that perspective, it doesn't matter if they are for the US market or not.

But what does matter is that GM is building more of their own cars for the US, whereas in the past they rebadged all of their small cars. And the actual point of this whole topic to the thread is that GM's existence enables about 2 million American jobs.