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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post
Why are you harrassing me? There is no "truth about GM" that I'm "so resistant" to. Over the past dozen posts, I've discussed where all the GM products are made. And I'm not your f-king puppet; if you want to discuss where the Chrysler 300 is made, go ahead.

What is your point in continuing this? Am I stating anything that's not true? Am I saying that certain GM models which are built in Australia or Korea are actually built in Ohio?

I've clarified my point about a half-dozen times now, I'm not repeating it again. If you don't like my rules and qualifiers, that's your problem. And if it's your contention that GM and Chrysler should've been left to fold, because some of the models they sell are built overseas, then as I've repeatedly stated, I disagree with you. The bailout has been extremely successful.
I'm not harassing you, nor did I say the bailout wasn't sucessful.

What I'm saying is for GM and Chrysler to outsource after taxpayers footed multi-billion dollars loans for them is fine, yet you rejoice in bashing Romney for doing the same thing.

I really don't care to carry this on any longer, and my intent was never to harass you. No, I'm not Obamas biggest fan, and our views might not be the same, but that doesn't mean I praise Romney either. I just think ads like this attack the opposition for things that hit a little too close to home.