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Originally Posted by elan76 View Post
So again my wife has dented, scratched, bent, wrecked something on my car....This time she hit a curb that she says supposedly you couldnt see, and of course is begging for forgiveness...Anyways my hyper silver AG M310's now are pretty ragged looking and i think they deserve a little attention.
Can any of you guys recommend a good wheel repair place? I have two decent bends on two of the lips and some lovely road rash on three of the four. i have also been considering getting them powdercoated to gunmetal so that they dont look dirty three days after i clean them. I'm going to post this in the wheel and tires section too for some help (hope thats not like breaking a holy forum rule or anything).
No such thing as holy rules in the unholy perverts lair known as sd chat.

Id honestly just get a new wheel. Repairing bent wheels is sketchy (especially cast wheels) and the heat used to straighten it will compromise strength. You may get lucky and get a few more months out of them, or they may just shit out on you very quickly.