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Could buying a COBB AP save me money?

Bought my 09 335 new a little over three years ago, now it has roughly 47,400 miles on it. That leaves me with about two months until i'm running without a warranty...or until I drop a few thousand for an extended warranty. I've been pondering a tune for a few years, but with my car having run flawlessly since the original hpfp died at 4,800 miles, I have been a bit hesitant to meddle with a good thing.

I've spent a little time looking at common problems with various tunes...primarily misfire issues it seems, related to injectors, intake valve carbon buildup, and perhaps more fuel pump issues. My misguided thought process at this late hour is telling me to pick up a Cobb AP and see how things play out over the next 2,600 miles. I know i'll be pleased with the performance boost, but maybe i'll also expedite the wear on some items (injectors and mucked up valves), and get them to give me problems before my warranty expires. Purchasing the Cobb could actually save me money if my all original injectors and dirty valves are coming close to needing to be replaced/cleaned. Is this crazy talk? Or does it make some sort of twisted sense?

On another note, i've been unable to determine from searching the rough likelihood of encountering engine problems after a certainly seems more likely, but it would be nice to see if for example 20% of people running COBB experience new problems...or whether its 50% or more. Anyone seen any stats on this?

Regarding my question in the title, these factors my be relevant: this car is my daily driver unless its snowy or below freezing (I have a 4runner for shitty days that has cost me about $50 in unscheduled mx in 146,000 miles of ownership) . I intend to keep the car for another three years and will get rid of it before 100k (at which point i'm finally getting an S2000 or Elise for a real sports car and leasing a new 335 for my DD) The only other engine related mods that I intend to do are eisenmann exhaust, and maybe DCI.

Done with this rambling post.
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