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ICONZ (TheModCity) - Decent service, questionable quality

First, quick rundown of the events.

April 6 - Placed Order with TheModCity. Was told that it would take 4-6 weeks to complete and ship.

May 10 - Checked with Dan@TheModCity. Said it will take 2 more weeks. Should ship no later than May 31.

May 31 - Checked with Dan. Said in final stages. Told me I shouldn't rush it because the manufacturers want the wheels to come out perfect.

June 2 - Checked with Dan. Said the wheel will be back soon from the finisher and will go through tests. Again, told me that they are doing everything they can to ensure wheel perfection.

June 15 - Checked with Dan. Told me that the wheels are under test and should be done within 7 days.

June 22 - Checked with Dan. At this point I'm furious. He kindly called me to explain that it's wheel season and that my wheels are waiting in line and that they're doing the best they can. He had the boss of ICONZ call me to confirm and explain the hold up. Told me the wheel will be done no later than the 28th.

June 28 - Checked with Dan. Said wheels were complete in the afternoon but missed UPS pickup. Will pickup 29th and deliver 30th.

June 30 - Wheels received. Looked beautiful. Installed at LTBMW.

Initially the wheels were fine, but soon I noticed that the 2 rear wheels were wobbling a little. Thought it was just me so I left it. Until last week someone drove up next to me, rolled down the window and told me that my wheels looked like they were gonna fall off. So I went to LTBMW to check out what's going on. And get this:

Turned out that the inside of the wheels where it fits on the hub wasn't machined evenly so the wheels were not sitting flush on the hub. They removed the wheels and sanded them down and it was satisfactory for then. Yesterday I took it in again cus one of my friends commented on the wheel not looking right. Decided to put 12mm spacers on there. Cost me an extra $220 and for now it looks like they are working.

To be fair, Dan is only the middle man and he did everything he could to appease me, so no hate on that. But the thing is, I was told 4-6 weeks, but the wheels ended up taking 12 weeks to get to me. And I was told that the biggest reason for that was because the manufacturer wanted to ensure a flawless product. Now that I know the hub part wasn't even machined correctly it's laughable that I waited that long for a mediocre product. I didn't make this up. The guys at LTBMW took a look at the wheels and verified that the machining was messed up so there's some credibility in that. I don't see a lot of bad reviews for ICONZ around here so I might just be unlucky, but I just wanted people to beware.