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Originally Posted by AW335iCoupe View Post
I have ordered from Daniel before and I must say the customer service is A+. I have ordered also a couple sets of ICONZ as well, and personally feel like they are some of the best forged wheels out there. This isn't coming from someone either who just bought his first set of wheels. I have arguably owned all the top lines out there. I rank ICONZ one of the best.

As far as spacers man, there are hundreds of guys running around these forums with ICONZ and everyone is running the same fitment. You do not need spacers at all for these wheels. Running spacers is a personal preference depending on how you want the wheel to sit or need more brake clearance. From my own personal experience and from what I have seen from others, the wheels are perfectly fine and sit flush.
The wheels were not sitting flush on the hub, I'm not talking about the fenders. This was not an aesthetic issue, but a functional one. When the wheel spins it looks like its wobbling cus the wheel is slanted and not spinning straight. Hope this makes sense. Tried to capture on video but you can't really tell with video, but IRL it's super noticeable. The spacers were fitted so that the wheels could fit flat on the hub, again not for aesthetics.