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I don't know who fixes the apple products that JL supply if they go wonky but we've always bought our work iMacs from JL specifically for the 2 year warranty. The main power board failed in my last Mac in the second year and they diagnosed the problem and fixed it no problem. The only issue was being without a computer for a week but fortunately we had a few spares kicking about.

In terms of the student discount. Apple only give students a 10 discount on iPads and iPods. The big discounts are on computers only. Someone posted a link to all the educational discount codes on here a while back.

We have about 5 iPads from the 1 to the 4 in work and a large portion of staff including myself have their own personal one. I've never heard anyone mention a fault. It's a pretty stable and sturdy piece of kit so i wouldn't be overly worried about the what if of failure unless you plan on dropping it.

My intern actually used to be a genius (Not really, she was a family room expert at the apple store in Glasgow for 3 years while at Uni but it's more fun winding her up about being a genius). I just asked her and she said there is no benefit. The only benefit is being able to compare them and get answers if you are clueless, which i doubt you are.
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