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This is timely... my car is in the shop right now getting my M3 rep front painted.

I bought the OEM vents from ECS. Took the factory front off myself to save some labor.

The passenger side vent bolts right up. Trimming isnt necessary but to make it fit perfectly i trimmed a small triangle off above the mounting location closest to the engine. <<<EDIT: This is true for fittament to the cooler, but not to the bumper. The passenger vent does NOT line up with the M3 rep bumper duct inlet. I didnt learn this until test fitting at the body shop.

Pictures below show the before and after. Sorry for the picture quality, it was dark and rainy, and the watermark, i forgot i was shooting RAW and had to use a cheapo converter I downloaded to view on my laptop.

Before and after:

The driver side vent on the other hand, is not in any way compatible with the 335. On the M3 it goes up into the airbox (or hood vent, cant remember which). So you essentially have to trim it so that there is just an open hole facing up in front of your wheel well liner (up toward the charge pipe, driver's side of the engine). There is a little lip on the vent (looks like to catch water and debris) but I'm concerned this setup would throw a bunch of crap from the road up into the engine bay.

My body shop just quoted me $547 to paint and install the front. I think the whole vent thing is driving up the cost (3 hours to fit and trim parts)

Part of me just wants to say paint it and I'll do the rest.

Oh and here's the bumper in front of the car, just for fun

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