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Ok. So, I finally took the time to get out into the garage and work on the last rendition of ducts for the car today. The only things left to do to them before putting them on are a skim coat of plastic on the passenger side duct to fill in any negative spaces, sand and then paint flat black. On to the pics and info.

Driver's side duct:

Now, you may be wondering what you're seeing...the white is a Fusor spread on plastic that I am using as a filler, and the areas of black plastic that are not from the original duct are just fiberflex plastic welding rod that was added bit by bit to build up every inch of "new" duct. More on that in a few. This is what it looks like installed at the moment.

The last image is shot from the wheel well to show how nice and flush the brake duct portion lines up with the fender liner.

Next, the passenger duct, which was what I focused on today. This one has been quite a pain in the ass. It has the most going on and in order to keep it fully functional I had to cut the front half off of the back half, realign it, and then weld it all back together. Then I cut an opening in the bottom right portion to build out the brake duct. The pics below show the method I employed to mock them up and then build up all the plastic necessary to create what I have now. And the pics:

And a few "installed" pics:

Lastly, some pics of the passenger side duct with all the fiberflex rod built up. I have a few more bits of foil tape to pull out of the inside and then I'll apply a skim coat of Fusor plastic, sand it smooth, and then paint it flat black.

Now the fun part!!! I'm thinking that once they're fully finished, I may just mold the interior cavities of the ducts and do a little experimenting with DIY vacuum molding. I really need a hobby and it seems like a good one. lol. So, if all goes well, and you guys like the way these turn out. I may turn some of these out for those of you that ask nicely. Although, given it's taken me like 7 months to suck it up and do the work to get this far, I wouldn't hold your breath for any copies to be anytime soon. Feedback welcome. Just don't be negative and not create your case please.