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Guys I did a lot of research as to what in the world our mystery factory fill ATF could be, and I think I finally found it. After a lot of searching, and phone calls to shell USA I have deduced the following:

According to the australian petrolium institute: their ASP15 classification includes the following fluids:
-Ford Specification No. M2C 919D
-Mercon SP Fluid Part No. XT-6QSP
-Shell ATF M-1375.4
-ZF 6-speed Automatic Transmission Fluid, (Shell M-1375.4)

Mercon SP Fluid is a newer transmission fluid made by shell for Ford dealers. Its easy to find online, and it retails for around $4:00+/quart. Things get really interesting when you look at the specs of lifeguard 6 found in the MSDS: and compare them to the specs of Mercon SP:
http://www.fcsdchemicalsandlubricant...ERCON%20SP.pdf and http://www.fcsdchemicalsandlubricant...us175325us.pdf

VERY similar specs, and the same color fluid.

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