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Originally Posted by Socom View Post
I wonder why Amsoil just doesn't list their ATF as an equilivant to Shell M-1375.4. I would go onto say that maybe LG6 is a substitute for MerconSP, kinda like how Castrol's Import Multi-vehicle ATF is a substitute for M-1375.4.
Its not a substitute, it is LG6! kinda how pentosin atf1 is LG5. Mercon SP is manufactured in houston texas by shell for Ford, while LG6 is manufactured in europe for ZF. The houston texas facility started making the fluid in 2007. Castrol Multi vehicle atf is a lower quality substitute, according to TE ML 11A but not an equivalent. In order to meet M-1375.4, you have to have a KV 40C of 28, and a KV 100C of 5.5-6.5, and a vapour pressure of <0.5 @ 20C PA. oh and a nice brown color with a strong mineral oil odor helps too! I'm currently trying to figure out what LG8 is

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