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I just wanted to explain to you guys my obsession with automatic transmission fluids. I used to own an '03 acura TL type S, and those cars suffered from a high failure rate. Due to fatalities from these failures, The NHTSA launched an investigation. The acura online community was able to obtain the documentation from the investigation, and we learned a lot about transmissions from it. Multiple problems plagued these transmissions, however, the 3rd gear clutch pack burning out, and causing the tranny to suddenly drop through the gears was the most common problem. Here is a link to the long investigation: when performing up shifts and down shifts, the ATF fluid is faced with bringing down clutch pack temps of up to 300C+! (p.642). So that is why automatic transmission fluid quality is very important. Be more conservative (30-40K miles) with drain intervals, and upgrade to the moderate or racing alternative fluids, that I listed, if you plan on racing! You can read more about automatic transmission fluids here: