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Originally Posted by Socom View Post
Which may be the case. Maybe Shell M-1375.4 is the base, Mercon SP isn't far off from that base,and LG6 family has and additional additive which makes it a "higher grade" of M-1375.4. Something that may confirm such is whether or not the barrels of OEM and LG6 fluid state "Made in Germany" or "USA". Maybe a call into Shell is required.
So who's more credible? Amsoil, VS Ford, the australian petroleum institiute, and shell Houston? The similarities between LG6, and Mercon SP for me looking at the MSDS are:

-Both Made By shell
-Both Brown
-Both have mineral oil odor
-Both have a KV 40 of 28 mm2/s or cst
-Both have a Vapour pressure <0.5@20C Pa
-Materials to avoid for both: oxidizing agents
-Both decompose and give off the same by-products: CO, CO2, other hydrocarbons
-Both use mineral base oil+ additives

-One’s measured in liters, the other one in quarts
-One has a ZF label, the other one has a Motorcraft Mercon SP Label
-One made by shell USA, the other one Shell Europe
-One costs $4.68 per quart, the other costs $60/Liter