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Originally Posted by Turkeybaster115 View Post
You can call whomever you want. I just think you are trying very hard to poke holes in this because of the price difference.

Shell M-1375.4 is a specification (a set of ranges if you will), in my opinion.
I'm not trying to poke holes. If they were the exact same why would Amsoil only list Mercon SP and not just Shell M-1375.4 or LG6? Amsoil is the one which stated "low end" not I. ATF like motor oil is more than just a base. Afterall wouldn't you think Amsoil would like to sell a ton of ATF for the 2006+ BMW's?

Edit: I just got off the phone with Shell USA. The only application for this fluid in the US is for the ZF gearbox, and not Ford or Mercon SP. The rep also stated per the database that, in the US, M-1375.4 is no longer manufactured and has been replaced.

Interesting post on ATF: (lends credence to my suspicion that there are different grades or "versions" of a certain brand of ATF)

Look here: This is the same list you found from AU however LG6 and Shell 1375.4 are listed under their own category seperate from Mercon SP/FORD.

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