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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
You definitely can't compare it to an E90. Maybe an E46..
You'd be suprised, the 1er is only a few cm smaller and a bit lighter than an E90, its very deceptive, they make a big car look small!

1M coupe = 1570kg, 4380mm L, 1803mm W (only 1/2 inch narrower than an E90 mirror to mirror)

335i E90 Msport = 1610kg, 4531mm L, 1817mm W

F##K! A full tank of petrol would make the 1M weigh more than the E90!

BUT - Evo mag have high hopes for it and if M division have used the now obsolete N54 motor I think that tells you alot about the N55!!

Up the N54!

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