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Originally Posted by thenewrick View Post
I'll be using the JB4 "Autotune Map" which can raise boost to as much as 16 psi.

From what I've seen 49% of pure E85 is the safety threshold for the n54 cars. A 35-65 ratio is considered the average safe ratio.

I'm not sure technically how effective it is in one area or another but it does tend to do 2 things consistently; increase power and decrease mpg.

I'm shooting for roughly a 20-80 ratio on first attempt just to see if any issues pop up. If everything goes well I'll try the 35-65 ratio and get a dyno run of that.
Yeah, consistent decrease in fuel economy is a given just based on energy density. That's interesting though, I'll be super interested to see your dyno run. Do you have a before for comparison/plan on doing one (with just straight 93)?