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I don't think there is anything wrong with being trained up to be the best at something. Most of the world's professional population work on this assumption. When you get advice from a lawyer or a doctor you expect that level of training and this is'nt so different. Why is it unacceptable that Lewis Hamilton is a trained professional?

Also, you need some talent to drive at that speed and win. Yes the best car helps a lot but you still need a level head. Hamilton is in a priviliged postion but then again he is delivering what he's paid for. And yes, Kimi Raikkonnen is a brilliant driver but at that level to make 4 screw ups in one race is'nt that brilliant. To make excuses like 'he needs time to find himself' is bollocks at the height of a profession. If I killed a patient at work through negligence but was otherwise a brilliant doctor I'd be thrown out or jailed not have a bunch of excuses made up on my behalf and a pat on the back.

Its also worth noting that all the F1 teams had to get used to no traction control this year, so they all had the same amount of time to adapt. Who adapted the best - Hamilton. Massa could'nt even turn the friggin car round the first corner and Raikkonnen slipped up countless times.