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Eibach pro springs install 328xi E92 w/ PICS

Just got my springs in today. Going to get up early as usually and get on it. One thing i am confused about is where do i put the jack stands when I am jacking the car up with that jack point? Search the forums, everyone says to jack the subframe? How do you guys do it?

Finished both rears and the passenger front and then the rain set in. The rear has a very noticeable drop and the front passenger is not so noticeable. The driver side still has the stock xi suspension, it has about a 3.5 finger gap. The passenger side now has about a 3 finger gap. Did it lower? Yes, but not by the amount everyone else seems to be getting.

I was rushing to finish up the passenger side since it was raining, I may have seated it wrong. Although I did catch it seated wrong the first time, I corrected it so I cant see how I can seat it wrong twice in a row. Now I know how to do it, the driver side should be smooth and less errors. I will double check and then compare. First time working on german cars, I can say japanese cars are much more mechanic friendly!


Rear springs

Removing the bolt in the back.

Bolt is stuck. Time to get that exhaust loose.

Getting the exhaust mounts loose

What a relief!

Onto front springs....

I only had one jack. I found a place to place one jack stand and I was able to use the jack to lift the rotor when removing the sway arm bolt. See pics.

Almost coming out. At this point, I had to remove the jack stand since it prevented the control arm from be lowered.

only 3 months and already a nail!!!! No air leaking yet and I have an air compressor. I will deal with it when it becomes a problem.

Now here are some pictures of the front drop. You can see, its almost not much of a drop at all. The passenger side is Eibach and the driver side is still on stock xi suspension.

Driver side:

Passenger side:

The aftermath......

Macbook slipped my hand! Did a little damage on the leather too, but not noticeable.

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