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You can already modify files yourself. Download a stock 0da as a binary, modify it, and reupload it. You'll get an 0da you can flash.

But there's only support for MI20S, mostly because it's used on everything, and a pretty complete disassembly is required for it to work.

Also that isn't a 3 stage file at all. It's a stock 328i file, which is why you can see it.

The problem is there aren't really a lot of 3 stage files for MSV80 because the 330i got the N53 in Europe (and we got the detuned 328i). There's the X3 and X5 tunes, but they are set up a little different. So you're left with the few that existed for the euro 3 series.

MSV70 doesn't have this problem, since the 330i file works perfectly on the 325i, and there's only one final program version (921S).

If you want to spend a few thousand hours pouring over embedded assembly code and writing your own software, more power to you - but there's a reason not everyone knows how to do it.

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