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Originally Posted by Aliself View Post
Thanks - I think we may talking about the same thing. So here is the breakdown of my car audio system:

2 mids and 2 tweeters in the front (separate grills)

2 subs under the front seats.

2 mids and 2 tweeters at the rear deck.

Total of 10 - the question I have is:

Is it possible that the rear mid and the rear tweeter (for each side) have been placed under the same grill in the rear deck?

Sorry for any confusion.
Yes, it is possible. In my 2009 335i with HiFi (US) the rear mids and tweeters are under the same grill on the rear deck. (i.e. one mid and one tweeter under one grill)

Kind of small but I quickly googled this...

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