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Originally Posted by WickedB View Post
Thanks, Ok help me out... what exactly are the "tension struts"?.

And yea I've read a bit about sways.. no easy answer there I guess.

What is their job?
tension struts are also called "control arms". In the front, there are upper ("tension strut") and lower ("wishbone") control arms, one of each on both sides of the car.

both tension strut and wishbone have a bushing on one end and a ball joint on the other. The bushing side connects to the front subframe and the ball joint attaches to the steering knuckle.

IMO Meyle HD tension struts have a stronger bushing and ball joint.

I don't have the tech knowledge or vocabulary to describe their job, but intuitively, your wheel is attached to the hub / steering knuckle, which is attached (vertically) to the strut. The control arms attach horizontally. My guess would be they (control arms) supply support for lateral forces.