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get aligned??

I got my car aligned and it felt super tight again. The steering was loose and drifting to the left and had oscillation at 65-70 (vibration). Got new tires, found out the rims were bent internally, so changed those and then alignment. Smooth and tight handling as if it were new.

2009 335i Convertible.


Originally Posted by WickedB View Post
Ok here's the deal... Lately I feel like the steering on my '07 E90 is not as crisp as it used to be... seems a little more... wishy washy? lol.. like I have electric power steering all of a sudden.. I mean it's slight compared to actual electric power steering cars but you get the idea. Also considering my car now has 80,000 miles, lately driven on Sh!tty metro Detroit roads.. what should I look for in suspension / steering wear? How do I test for defects?

Also, what (if anything) should I look at replacing first? tie-rod ends? (Meyle HD maybe?) Replace the sway bar for a bigger one? M3 strut tower brace maybe?

Thanks in advance for the input.