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Originally Posted by 1chanc3
Originally Posted by surfcity335i View Post
I can't believe this is still for sale. Mine was gone a day or two after I put it on here. Although $975 seems a bit high since Tischer will get one to your door brand new for just a bit more. And, you can put the "is" black-tipped system on the car (which is what I did) for much less and it sounds almost identical.

That's the reason why it's still for sale. The price is a bit high for a used system; People would rather pay a bit more and get a completely new exhaust system, and get the peace of mind that they can get a refund or exchange if something is wrong. BMW of El Cajon is even selling a PE system on ebay for less than Tischer and not much more than this. So this is not that great of a deal (no disrespect to the OP).
Exactly how I thought it through. No disrespect to the OP as well. I was very interested in this PE but couldn't come to terms in buying a used exhaust for so much. So I bought it new from Steve Thomas BMW online, picked up for less than $200 more than the OP.