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Originally Posted by wolfetone View Post
Was thinking about getting one of these as the AUX function does my head in the way you have to use the actual ipod itself to change tracks. Kind of defeats the purpose in my books and kind of dangerous flicking through the ipod while driving?

Whats the main advantages of the bmw ipod interface?
Display?..ipod track selection..?

All views appreciated!
I had one of these fitted about 2 months ago and was originally underwhelmed but have grown to love it.

Basically you get an interface that is similar to the one you get when you play an MP3 CD. And yes the RND function is still rubbish. Because the stereo thinks it is a CD player you effectively get 6 very big MP3 CDs where the order changes (playlist,artist, album, podcast etc). On my car I still have to press "LIST" to see the song title etc otherwise it is just the track number. I drove a newish courtesy car where this happened automatically with MP3 CDs but mine does not do it.

I have got a 30GB ipod and I find that it is very slow to change between the 6 CDs so I just use Playlist now (as advised on this forum) This works very well as the song data is there as soon as I turn the system on.

The sound quality is excellent but I have found that my ipod sometimes fails if it has been a very cold night. Unplugging it and reconnecting usually fixes this problem.

Overall I would recommend this as a pretty good solution. There are others that offer more functionality but this is the cheapest. (mObridge and Dension)