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The best is when their tail lights are out AND so are their brake lights.

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Don't get me started on people who drive with their high beams on.
Tell me about it! I was once driving home real late from work (okay...I do that too much actually...) and was on a stretch of 2 lane road for quiet a while. For 90% of that drive, the @$$hat behind me had his high beams on. At the time, I was 95% they were his high beams with maybe a 5% chance his/her headlights were aimed too high.....either way...annoying, but lucky for me I have a high tolerance so it didn't mess up my vision. From what I could make of the car shape (when the road elevation changed), it was an older car so poorly aimed lights was feasible. I tried flashing my brights w/ and w/o my hazards temporarily on to get their attention before I decided to embrace the suck. On the last 1-2 mile stretch on that road, a car came by the other way. At this point, there was some distance between my car and the one behind me since I got on the throttle a little coming off a red light. As the opposing car got closer, I saw that it was a cop car. In my rear view mirror, I saw the red & blue come on and stay flashing as the cop made a U-turn and pulled over the car behind me. That made up for another long day at work.