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Originally Posted by DallasBoosted View Post
Oh I see. Now you've backpedaled off of your "$3k installed" for the diff, and then $2500++!!!! for the bushings. Glad to hear it!
It is $3k PLUS. Read.

DIY'ing the diff is possible, but not that easy. People on the forums here have done it. I'm going to have a shop do it.
Landing on the moon is also possible, but not for everyone. Again, not sure what is your point of arguing this? Either you invest time and take time away from your hobbies and family or you pay someone to do it. Pay me now or pay me later.

But the 3-4 hours installing coilovers is going to take? It's a simple unbolt/rebolt job. Any monkey could do it. And on top of that, if you plan on tracking your car, having intimate familiarity with the suspension and how everything goes together will benefit you tremendously down the line.
I'd like to see you install a set of C/O in 3-4 hours by yourself. A shop with lift and air tools gives quotes 3-4hr. Clutch is also a simple unbolt/rebolt job.

The M3 arms cost $370 from ECS. And they install in literally 1 hour with like 2 wrenches.
Yes, it cost money to buy and install. You didn't include that with your original estimate or address any of my previous comments. Now go back to your inital post and put $370+installation. Keeping adding numbers. Not sure if you noticed, but budget always has a funny way or going overboard.

Cool, just so you realize we are installing better-than M3 components in most of these exercises.
Ever seen LS1 Rx7 brake axles on the drag strip because they were't upgraded? Well, adding expensive, race derived components to your car without additional supporting mods tends to reduce realiability. Same with adding boost but not worrying about cooling. Same with adding speed, but not worrying about brakes. Same with adding power, but not worrying about driveshaft and axles. Same with ton of other stuff.

Not to mention that out of the factory package such as M3 functions a lot better as a package, then what some noob in Dallas can put together in his garage with tools on his 335.

You're clueless. The tunes set the car ready for OBD diag, so there's no need for O2 simulators to pass inspection.
Catless=need dp fix for o2 sim. Software can erase codes, but they show up immediately. You don't know your 335.

Go ahead and keep saying incorrect things. That radiator does not help the 335i problem which is oil cooling.
Gee, those cooling passages on the engine block must be cooling ice-cream between your ears?

The M3 does have better brakes than the 335. And both are adequate with track pads and good rotors.
There is degree of adequate as with everything in life. Turner race car has adequte brakes for track, so does F1 car.

Both are one-piston sliding calipers though, so both need the same kind of BBK.
BBK? Really? All it needs is set of higher bp fluid and set of track pads. Single piston is fine. You sound like a typical armchair fanboi. bbk is not necessary.

It's like saying one person has a little less poop on his face than the other. They are both covered in poop.
This is your analogy? Are you 12?

You're entitled to your opinion. The M3 seats may well be more supportive.
May well be? They are more supportive. Period. That's not a discussion, but a fact.

You seem obsessed with seats. You realize Recaro and Sparco are still in business right?
Sure, add it to your quote and see if your numbers are still the same.

The rest is just nonsense. The C5 is a faster car on the track than the E46, no question about it. You should visit a racetrack sometime and learn.

E46 M3 8:22
C5 8:40

Need more links?

E21 had more modern suspension than C5.

The difference is, I may be new, but I'm going to learn what works and what doesn't, and give good advice that will help other new people learn what works and what doesn't. You're just restating incorrect opinions and passing them off as facts. There's an M3 board for people who want to discuss M3's. Scamper off now, adults are talking.
Welcome aboard. Just sit and listen. We've seen plenty of your types around here.